It isa time to escape when the awakening of nature, the clarity of blue, thewarmness of the sun and the fragrant air of the spring rain when it touches thesoil.

A little time full of peace that will be lost between the green and the blue in the nature with yourself and your loved ones. The only sound of your peace is the waves and the chirping of birds. A spring break where you can relax and leave everything behind with our service concept that will make you feel at home.

If you want to be with a small group of friends i this magnificent place where nature is the birthplace of the spring, walking the Lycian road in the evenings, a pleasant day-by-day conversation with a lot of laughter accompanied by a guitar against the fireplace in the evening.

This spring escape;

Maybe it’s time to prepare yourself for summer detox It’s time for our kitchen chef to fully regenerate your dishes that are only available for you in spring.