Cozy Fall at Nautical

If a time out is all you need in your high work tempo, it’s time to steal a weekend from the summer and go on a secret getaway. With the warmth of the sun you’ll get to enjoy your days anyway you want, take a dip in the infinity pool, a walk on the beach with waves touching your feet or enjoy some alone time at your room with your private amenities. At the evening grab a glass of your favorite wine and cozy up by the fireplace in our lobby.

If you wish to have fun with a small group of friends for a chit chat vacation or an experience for a  different working time with your colleagues while exchanging your  ideas that will improve your performance in the nature instead of office.

A breath of fresh air for your own sake. Just name it. This autumn experience will bring you, the warm sun in the Lycian way trail and meditations. As well as you can sip your drink by the fireplace in the evening listening to the waves.

A wedding destination, a perfect honeymoon, an escape hotel and now a great beginning to your new year. If you want to start your new year peaceful and free, you have an invitation to our New Years Eve Party. Grab your favorite people and join to our bonfire with the best view you can ask for. Watch the starry night sipping your favorite drink and wish upon the shooting stars. A start as fresh as it gets…