Love, Joy, Serenity

Dance with the waves, 

Dine with the breeze, 

Dream with the stars…

Nautical… Where the history fell in love with nature, sounds of the waves are accompanied by the songs of the birds and the warmth of the sun compliments the gentle wind.

Where you’ll feel the complete peace and relaxation all over your body and spirit. A soulful experience for you and your loved ones.

In the heart of the Lycian Coast, a small luxury hotel with a private beach, a place where after spending even a day, that you will miss eveyday of your life.

What type of vacation?


Is it a honeymoon for  you and your loved one where you will have the most special moments  you’ve ever dreamed of? May be a proposition? … More >>


Rejuvenate yourself while the only thing that will accompany you is the landscape, serenity, the voices of the nature and the sea… More »


If holiday for you means, movement, sports and new experiences that’s what we can offer you here. Walking on the Lycian Way, … More »


Experience your meditation and yoga time with our yogi who will accompany you on a wooden platform exclusively for you… More »

Explore Our Nature and Culture

What makes Nautical important is that it has not only this magnificent beauty and still untouched areas, but also a famous and unique location, decorated with historic Roman and Lycian Ruins.

Nautical’s location dominates the Ölüdeniz with the beauty of astonishing sea view, breathtaking sunset colors, rich vegetation, mountains that standing up in the wild makes people bite their lips.

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The hidden gem of the Turkish Riviera is located on the skirts of Baba Mountain where Faralya Village meets the Mediterranean Sea, where you’ll get to witness the beautiful views of the Dead Sea (Ölüdeniz) and Butterfly Valley through your journey to Nautical.

Embrace the very best of Faralya, thanks to the hotel’s exceptional location near Lycian Way. We are placed 70 km to Dalaman International Airport (the closest airport to Fethiye) and 26 km South of Fethiye city center. Resides one of the best hotels in Turkey.

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“Dreamy location, tremendous passage way“

We spent 2 nights in Nautical. We originally planned to spend the days discovered along the coast, but after reaching this secret location with our own coastline, we decided to spend the whole time there! The most unique place to walk around the rugged coastline and forest grounds and cliffs.

Janelle P.

“A jewel of heaven“

The extraordinary location, the green of the pine trees and the colors of the sea blue, beautiful and very comfortable villas / tents, magnificent staff and delicious food. It is very well located for walking on the Lycian Way.

Serdar B.

“Secluded and relaxing!“

A romantic hotel, away from the famous, touristic beaches of Fethiye. A private swimming beach to read luxury homes, laziness and books with an amazing sunset view.

Sudesh P.

”Quiet, secluded, super!“

It was a surprise for my friend who booked this trip with hidden escapes. When he found out that I had done, he went crazy, but we decided that I did as soon as possible.

Katya S.