Together with the Mediterranean breeze, you will taste our delicious dishes in our restaurant with a unique view. You will enjoy the pleasure of being at Nautical in our meals cooked specially for you with our chef’s inspiration from the energy of the winds coming from the sea.


All of the materials in our kitchen consist of carefully selected natural products. Our olives and olive oil, fruits, vegetables, cheese, jams and honey reach our table from our village. Our fish and sea products are fresh flavors from our fishermen.

Bar & Lounge

We revive life with our delicious cocktails, our famous homemade lemonade and our special drinks. You can enjoy the good music while watching the sunset as the sun slowly pulls over the sea. You can sip cocktails at the fireplace or at the pool.

Special Table

A romantic offer, an anniversary or special celebration will only accompany you to the sound of the waves and the endless blue of the Mediterranean. Just a special “table” for you to have a different dinner from anywhere and from everyone else to memorable hours.