An incredible holiday is waiting for you here in Nautical Hotel where you would beamazed by the feeling of freedom,  awayfrom the noise and fatigue of modern life, a place where you feel safe andsecure with amazing nature, rich forest and a turquoise sea.

Leaveeveryone and everything behind for a little while in this short escape. Forgetthe newspaper you read every morning, or the TV you watch every evening. Above all, here you are free of all kinds of thingsand your only worry needs to be the distance between the stars. Don’t worryabout being  stylish , just think aboutserenity and how that makes you feel. Here, just do something for yourself andyour loved ones,like  relax and justlisten to the silence.

Inparticular, you can clearly see the stars staring at the moon and ever beforemidnight, and you can witness a lot of starburst in the clear sky. We claimthat you will return from this trip as a whole new person.