A Joyful Escape

Imagine a place where lush nature dances with the deep blue and the endless vast of the Mediterranean. Thats where we are.
Put on your favorite music and just enjoy the moment at an adults only experience (14+)

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The only thing that is open buffet is the amazing view, take as much as you can get. At Nautical, there are no specific hours for breakfast and no intervals for lunch.

A Break From The Outside World

If you want to catch up, the only thing you can miss is the sunset. Other than that, all clocks are set for you. Far away from the city and the crowds in it.

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Nautical Hotel

You will find the peace and tranquility you seek and you will discharge the energy of city life onto the ground here. You will experience the joy of dreaming, revitalizing, purifying and spending quality time with your loved ones.

In The Blue Of Virgin Sea

On our infantry boat, either meet the sun at sunrise or sink the day with champagne-strawberry pleasure in the afternoon on the virgin seas.

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Be Pure in Soul and Body

If you say, “It is not enough to rest the soul, I need to relax my body too”, treat yourself to a soothing massage as you take in the stunning sea views and the calming sound of sea waves.

Discover Our Nature

The definition of the most beautiful holiday destinations came to life in Faralya, Mugla. Come and discover it with pleasure.

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A Holiday That Fits Your Style

You will find the romance, the peace and serenity you are looking for here, and you will discharge the bad energy of city life to the ground here. You will experience the joy of your loved ones, dreaming, reviving and adventures.