Nestled at the convergence of Faralya village and the Mediterranean, at the base of the majestic Babadağ Mountain, our haven awaits you. A tranquil retreat situated at the terminus of the forest road, we offer a serene escape with breathtaking views.

How to reach?

Accessible through the scenic routes of Göcek, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, and Butterfly Valley, the journey to our sanctuary is as enchanting as the destination. Conveniently located 70 km away from Dalaman Airport, our oasis is easily reached, promising a seamless transition from travel to tranquility.

Upon your arrival, navigating the final stretch to our hotel becomes a seamless experience. Your journey concludes at our roadside parking area, where we extend a warm welcome. A mere 15-minute notice before your arrival is all it takes, and our dedicated team will be ready to receive you. Our 4×4 vehicle stands ready to transport you from our parking area to the doorstep of our hotel, ensuring a hassle-free and luxurious entrance to your retreat.

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Kızılcıkaya Mevkii Faralya
Fethiye, Muğla