Nautical Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience along the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline of Faralya. Guests can dine al fresco with sweeping coastal vistas as a backdrop, enjoying dishes crafted from local seasonal ingredients. Vegetables are grown in the warm coastal fields, ripening to perfection before being featured on plates. Freshly caught seafood is provided daily by local fishermen, infusing the flavors of the sea into each dish. Skilled chefs transform ingredients into culinary masterpieces, taking diners on a journey from farm to fork against a setting of azure skies.

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Nautical Restaurant

Awaken your senses to the enticing aroma of our freshly baked breads and pastries, setting the perfect tone for a luxurious breakfast experience. Step into our sun-drenched dining room, where panoramic views of the sparkling Mediterranean waters await.

Indulge in a breakfast like no other, where every bite is a journey through flavors and textures crafted from the finest local ingredients. Our chef’s expertise shines through in every dish, presenting seasonal specialties that capture the essence of the region.

As the day unfolds, retreat to our serene veranda and savor each moment as the sun’s golden rays dance upon the rugged coastline. Let us transport you with each thoughtful bite, as you linger over your meal and create memories to cherish.


You are invited to unwind and relax with a selection of expertly crafted cocktails prepared by our highly skilled bartenders. Throughout the day, please feel free to enjoy your beverages of choice near our pool area where you can soak up the sun’s rays, on our pier overlooking the azure waters where you can take in the scenic views, or within the comfort of our natural bar.

As the hours pass and day transitions to night, we encourage you to savor each moment with refinement and appreciate the little pleasures that enhance the experience of an evening under the stars. Our bartenders have meticulously selected only the finest local and imported spirits, liqueurs, and mixers to compose seasonal menus accentuating the freshest flavors of land and sea.


Pines, an exclusive spot where we offer private dining experiences for those wishing to celebrate special occasions in an intimate, romantic setting. Nestled under towering pine trees with breathtaking views of the sea and stunning sunsets, our private dinner tables can be prepared upon request. Guests will enjoy a candle-lit dinner for two in a secluded, tranquil venue away from other guests.

Soft lighting, the lapping of waves in the distance, and gentle ocean breezes coming through the pines create an atmosphere ideal for quiet reflection or intimate conversation. Additional amenities include a cozy sitting area with a swing for two, perfect for stargazing after dinner or quietly taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

From Nature To Your Table

We are turning what we collect from nature into delicious flavors. We take outmost importance in making sure that all the products that we use in our kitchen are health, fresh high quality and natural. Our olives, olive oils, fruits vegetables, cheeses, jams, honey come straight from our village or from the best quality local producers to your table.

Good food is key to the art of a happy life. At Nautical, we would like to take you on a delicious journey from breakfast to 5 o’clock tea, from dinner to desserts, with the meals we prepare with natural products and artisanal touches.

A Beautiful Awakening

At Nautical, the day starts with a breakfast that combines the tomatoes, peppers and greens of our garden, the olives of our trees, and the local products that our kitchen team has carefully selected for you, with love. All you have to do is choose the view that will accompany this breakfast.

Mediterranean Cuisine Inspirations

The evening starts here with the Mediterranean breeze. A unique sunset accompanies your table. Our chef cooks the fresh products carefully and daily selected from our region and offers a different Mediterranean menu every evening. You can enjoy the moment in our restaurant with a unique sea view and feel the privilege of being in Nautical.

Far From Everyone
and Far From Everything

From Fresh Products To Unique Flavors

Our fish and seafood come fresh from our fisherman every morning. In our menu, you will definitely find a taste that suits you, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Sunset At The Bar and Lounge, Enjoyable Music and Signature Cocktails

When you hear Nautical Hotel, the sunset of the Mediterranean, the calming atmosphere and the slowing time come to your mind. Life comes alive with our delicious cocktails, our famous homemade lemonade and the wide selection of drinks in our bar. You can enjoy good music while watching the sunset slowly over the sea. You can sip your cocktails by the fireplace or playing billiards in our lounge section.

The Most Special Table For The Most Special Moments

Maybe it’s a romantic proposal you’ve been dreaming of, maybe a celebration, maybe the start of a new life for two… Only the sound of the waves and the endless blue of the Mediterranean are with you, accompanied by candlelight and a full moon. You will have an unforgettable dinner experience, away from everyone and everywhere, at a table just for you.