Let Nautical make your most precious moments even more beautiful.

All the beauties of nature are with you in this unique place where time is only the stars and the sun…

Just You, Your Other Half and Your Dreams.

Experience your dream honeymoon with your loved one at Nautical with the privilege of a boutique hotel by the sea, and crown your happiness with unforgettable memories.

An important offer?

Is it a special day?

Or a romantic getaway for the weekend?

Accompanied by candlelight and full moon;

Maybe an offer you’ve been dreaming of… Maybe a celebration… Maybe a new start in life for two.

Endless sea view...

Sipping a drink in your private pool while watching the sun glide over the sea… Relaxing in our pool with an endless sea view… Enjoying your private togetherness, accompanied by the scent of pines, the songs of cicadas and the sounds of the waves… Exploring the secret places hidden by nature, where no one can disturb you… Having a good time on a swing under the vines…