The village of Uzunyurt is the official name of this village, which is generally known as Faralya and spread over an area of 40 km. It is 25 km to the Fethiye district of Muğla, 70 km to Dalaman Airport and only 10 km to Ölüdeniz. for Faralya “hidden paradise of Turkey,” we might say. Difficulties of the living conditions of today’s people, stress, transformation of cities into metropolises, resistance to green and nature’s 21st century realities, and trying to survive despite everything, shape the people’s holiday preferences and needs. What makes Nautical important is not only that it has a magnificent beauty and still untouched areas, but it also has a unique unique location adorned with historic Roman and Lycian Ruins. Regarded as one of the most exclusive resorts in Turkey; The valley of Oludeniz & the valley of Oludeniz dominates the beauty of the sea with its stunning beauty, breathtaking sunset colors, rich vegetation, standing wild mountains.

Butterfly races, which many people have never seen before and that have been deplored, have been longing for a long time, with the diversity of mystical, authentic and local village life where you can see all kinds of tones of flowers, bird sounds, beautiful beaches, sea, valleys, bays, green. It attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.


Faralya; there many unique wealth of flora in Turkey, this region, without being affected by ice in the ice age came to be attributed to today.

On the slopes of the mountains, as well as pine trees, thyme, sage, citrus fruits, perennial (shallow) trees, thousands of plants with a vast flora and daily trees are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic oil. The dried shells of trees have been important in the region since the ancient times.

Faralya region also has a relatively high share in the economy of Turkey in beekeeping and honey production.

Butterfly Valley

The valley, which is surrounded by steep rocky walls reaching 350 meters, received its name from more than 80 butterfly species and especially from the tiger butterfly. In this valley, you can see 30 different daytime butterflies with long or short life spans and 40 night flying butterflies for 9 months.

Located in the Faralya neighborhood and spilled from a height of 50 meters, the waterfall reaches the Mediterranean Sea through a stream passing through the middle of the valley.

Transport to the Butterfly Valley is provided by boats. A footpath from the Faralya neighborhood reaches the valley. However, a guided exploration should be performed due to the rope climbing routes and variable surface.

Bird of Paradise

Bird Paradise in the Fethiye area of Calis was a small area, but in 2007 it was suspended as the ‘Natural Conservation Park’. With an area of 15 hectares, it is home to a large number of birds, especially during migration.

There are 261 vertebrates and 29 invertebrates and 40 different varieties of plants. You can see every season of the year due to the fact that all of the rare and endangered species are in the center of heaven.

Lycian Civilization

From the western part of Antalya to the southeastern end of the Muğla province, the Lycian region is one of the most special regions of Anatolia in terms of history and natural richness. In ancient times (in the area called Light Country) the ancient cities are almost intertwined with nature. The ruins of the city, which gives information about the social life of the Lycians, spread throughout the region.

The cities of the ancient Lycian civilization are recommended by the UNESCO World Heritage List. The graves and monuments of the Lycians are also found in the Faralya region.