Exotic Relaxation with Mediterranean View

First, the pleasure of sauna in a unique view where the sun’s rays hit the sea, and then a body massage with our healing olive oil that appeals to the five senses at the same time will help you relieve the tiredness of the whole year.


An experience that will relax both your body and soul in an atmosphere that vibrates with nature is awaiting you.

Cleanse your spirit and body

If your thought is to get rid of stress and fatigue in a calm environment spiritually and physically, leave yourself to us and feel the difference.

You will leave your stress and tiredness aside and regain your health, peace and happiness with Nautical’s authentic style!

Feed your body with massage, feed your soul with oxygen!

Leave the tiring and stress of life aside, go on a journey away from daily life with a massage by skillful hands! Offer yourself a gift that will be very good for your mind, body and soul!

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With the endless sea and pool view, get away from the stress and problems of the day and enjoy a unique sauna with your fruit and cocktails.

Yoga & Meditation

With the exercises you will do by saluting the sun, the sea and the wind on the wooden platform right above the sea, you will discharge the negative energy in your body and enjoy the regeneration.

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Right next to the sea

Have you ever met your true self without the daily life roles imposed on you? If you have never had the opportunity to experience this, get rid of the necessities of modern life and give yourself this chance with Nautical.

While you focus on getting rid of all the thoughts that occupy your mind and relax, you should get rid of the negative thoughts in your head.

What is Your Dream Vacation?

You will find the peace and tranquility you are looking for, and you will discharge the energy of city life to the ground here. You will experience the joy of dreaming, revitalizing and purifying with your loved ones.