Wake up your inner child

In this region where colors are brighter, scents are denser and tastes are more flavourful, no doubt your creativity will escalate. If you want to take that and turn it into art, our workshop is just the place for you, in the shades of trees, paint the stones you collected at the beach or draw something on a wooden disk. Let your imagination run free.


In this peaceful tent, leave your body to the experienced hands of our masseuse and your soul to the calming blue sea in front of you. With organic olive oils from Faralya Village and joyous songs of birds, let your body relax and let your mind stop for a while… Just take a dreep breath and let go…


Located near our infinity pool, enjoy the infinite blues and fresh fruits. Take a sip of your favorite cocktail and let go of the stress

Yoga & Meditation

Literally salute the Sun and the Moon

On a wooden platform just above the sea, let the waves take all your stress and negativity away. Salute the sun, the moon and feel the wind in the your hair. You can join our yoga sessions led by our yogi or cleanse your aura and meditate on your own time.